Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, New beginnings

New Years Resolution Challenge:
Hey yall! Looks like its that time of year again. The great New Years resolution. Most people look to things on the lines of outward apperance, finances, etc things to get you set in this world. Dont lie to me now, you know you'll jump off of that band wagon around the middle of the month, you know you will. But this year, I have a challenge for all of you reading this.
I challenge you to make a personal and spiritual resolution this year to improve not your outward apperance or something to bring about earthy gain, but something that will make you a happier you on the inside. Now I challenge you to do atleast one of these things Im going to list here. Once you have decided one(or more) of these, go on your blog, post what your going to do for the new year and blog your progress weakly until the challenge is complete. Then tell how its helped you in your life. And trust me, it will. And I'm doing this too, so your not alone:)
Challenge One: Clean up Around the EdgesThere is something about each of us that we need to work on, no one is perfect. Find three of those things you need to work on and do it. For example, try to be more confident. Or look around you and look at the brighter side of things. Because after all, even though clouds hang in the sky, the sun is still there, isnt it? If you have a sharp tongue, learn to hold it in place and speak softer to others. About once a day take a look around you and count the blessings God has given you. It could be as small as admiring the beauty of a plant to as big as shouting your thanks to God about what he's helped you through(but I wouldnt advise it if you live in a city or the police might get called on you, so yell it in your room:)) Try this for about two months. You might like the results.
Challenge Two: A Change of TuneThis one might be a little bit more difficult, but it has amazing results. Reside to only listening to christian music for a month. Nothing else. At all. Seems kinda hard right? But its not. Here, this is a good radio station that can be picked up all across the US and in other countries. You can also listen to it on your iPhone, Laptop, iPad, etc. I really like this one because christian music is always postive and moving. Itll help you stay positive throughout the day and some of the messages of the songs can help you in ways that I cant describe. Just try it for a month, but youll see a difference thatll last all year.
(thats the radio station online. Itll tell you your local radio station that picks up the klove broadcast. Awesome music)
Challenge Three: Make a Difference:Do something that will make a lasting impression on someone. Do something for a local charity or organization. Stand up for someone, let someone know their not alone. Give someone who's going through alot a hug. Do something to change a life, not just your own. Big or small, showing someone you care effects them more than you could ever know.
Try this for three weeks or so.
Challenge Four: You and GodEvery christian prays a prayer before bed, but is that all you do other than praying over a meal? I challenge you to take twenty minutes out of your day and have quiet alone time with just you and God. No texting your bff, no tweeting, just you God(and if you pray better this way, listen to christian music while you do it) It helps you through the day and helps you in the long run. Try it for a month and tell me what it does.
Pick out which one(or ones) youre gonna do. Well dont just sit there reading this, Do it already!
My advice of the day is be yourself!!!Dont be afraid if someone calls you a nerd I take it as a complement because Im not ashamed of being obsessed with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mythology, Music, and Power Rangers:) I know its a little odd that Im 14 and still obsessed with it but thats just me being myself! Got a problem, then get in line. But I warn you its a long wait because I aint changing for nobody!

Until next time
Love yall bunches!!!
Happy 2012!!!
New Years Resolution Challenge:


  1. very cool i think i'm going to take you up on some of these challenges