Monday, September 12, 2011

Confidence 101!

Hello peepkies! Today I'm gonna give you some advice and tips on being a more confident you! We all have our flaws lets face it. But lets not let that get in the way of how we view ourselves. Beauty is embracing imperfections and loving who you are on the inside anyway. So rock your flaws and embrace your positive features and be like BAM! This is me! So here are some tips to unlocking your inner beauty goddess.
TIP #1: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!We all know there's that one person we wish we could look like. Flat stomach, perfect hour glass figure, long toned legs, and goregous face framed by the perfect hair, we all wish for their looks. But the truth is every magazine image we see, every add, is (imaginary drum roll!) PHOTOSHOPPED! This software can give you perfect skin, beautiful face, and can even give you that dream bod. That or they cake on the makeup and enhancement products like they're baking a pastry. So dont let looks fool you. They can go from Mrs. Perfect:
To this:
Without all their makeup and computer inhancments
TIP #2: Throw your shoulders back!
Most of the time when we sit or walk, our back and shoulders are slumped. This is not only bad for our posture, but also our confidence. So next time your in an upright postition, pop your shoulders back like BAM! Okay maybe not like bam because it might hurt but you get it!
TIP#3: Work it!
We all hate our body types in some way, don't deny it. Whether we think were too fat or too skinny, or too tall or too short, we should be thankful! NEVER try to alter your body for anyone but yourself, Embrace yourself! Rock whatcha got chicka! Also wear clothes to make you feel confident, things that compliment your body type. So not only will you look good but knowing that you look good will make you feel beautiful as well and your confidence will go through the roof!
TIP#4: Mwahhh!
If you ever feel down in the dumps, try on some bright lipsticks. I know, might be bold to wear at school. If you feel that way try it at home insted. Red lipstick( or bright pink ) can make ANYONE look good. It can make you feel like you can take on the world and do anything your heart desires!(And if you ever deside to do that, brunettes, try reds and blondes and red heads try bright pink(it has to do with skin undertones and it compliments your hair color))
TIP#5: *Sniff Sniff* Ahhhh:
Mmmmm don't you just love perfume? Not only can perfume make you smell better but can also make you more confident and relaxed. Just spritz some on your wrists, chest and neck and your good to go! Yummy confidence huh? (My faves and recomendation scents: twilight woods and forever sunshine,16 dollars at bath and body works, and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Coture sold ant walmart for 25$ and 35$ or can purchase at Sephora stores)
TIP#6: These Shoes are Made for Walking!
Shoes are awesome! But sometimes, the right (or wrong) can really make a difference in a person. Sure converses and flats are comfortable but whether you know it or not, they also make you slump. Its been proven that not only can heels and wedges make you taller but they automatically improve posture and what does those too things do for you? More confidence! Now Im not saying you should wear five inch stilettos every where you go but try wearing some wedges or 3 inch heels (or how ever many inches you can stand) all day (or 8 hours). You might be suprisedhow you like it:) (BTW get some dr.scholls women shoe inserts for extra comfort:))
TIP#7: Dare to be Different!
I love my T-shirt and blue jeans as much as the next person but sometimes, for me tees arent that flattering. So I like to play up my look once a week with a few of my girl friends at school. I reccomend this because not only is it fun but the first time I did it, I actually felt pretty. Being a size 16, you dont get that many complements on looks so I felt special. But dont just "dress up", (here's the twist). Dress up from different time periods!(Vintage, 1920s-1930, 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, or something unique and original)
I wore a baby blue dress with a white ribbon around my natural waist( smallest part of your body) and white three inch heels and LOVED IT! Try neon blue skinny jeans and neon pink zebra stripe tank top with a leather jacket and and pinl converse(wild but awesome!) Or something sixties like high waisted bell bottons and a flowy top tucked in with feather earings. If you like it, make it a habit to do it once a week. Its alot of fun!
Now theres my 7 tips! But one more
SMILE!:DI have a challenge for you know. Well you can choose but here they are:
#1: Go one full day without makeup( if you were any other than base and powder)
#2: Go on your blog and write about your flaws. But for ever flaw, find three things you like.
#3: Try atleast four or five of these tips and do one every day of the week. Blog at the end of the week and talk about how the things you chose helped/effected your week.
And also include your name(can be blog name or real idc)
and put what you think of yourself!
My name is Sarah Gabrielle
I am a size 16 and my height is 5'10''
Im 14 years old
And Im a beautiful person inside and out!
Hope you enjoyed these tips!
God bless and MTFBWY!!!