Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Im backkk!

Sorry I havent posted in God knows how long but Ive been having alot of bad things going on.  My best friends dad commited suicide and shes been at my house alot, bullying, sprained ankle, basically the worst few months Ive had in a long time.  Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers and Ill try to go to the library more.  I really love you guys too cause I just walked here, to the library, a mile from my house, on crutches, in 45 degree weather.  So keep in mind I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Until next time

Monday, September 12, 2011

Confidence 101!

Hello peepkies! Today I'm gonna give you some advice and tips on being a more confident you! We all have our flaws lets face it. But lets not let that get in the way of how we view ourselves. Beauty is embracing imperfections and loving who you are on the inside anyway. So rock your flaws and embrace your positive features and be like BAM! This is me! So here are some tips to unlocking your inner beauty goddess.
TIP #1: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!We all know there's that one person we wish we could look like. Flat stomach, perfect hour glass figure, long toned legs, and goregous face framed by the perfect hair, we all wish for their looks. But the truth is every magazine image we see, every add, is (imaginary drum roll!) PHOTOSHOPPED! This software can give you perfect skin, beautiful face, and can even give you that dream bod. That or they cake on the makeup and enhancement products like they're baking a pastry. So dont let looks fool you. They can go from Mrs. Perfect:
To this:
Without all their makeup and computer inhancments
TIP #2: Throw your shoulders back!
Most of the time when we sit or walk, our back and shoulders are slumped. This is not only bad for our posture, but also our confidence. So next time your in an upright postition, pop your shoulders back like BAM! Okay maybe not like bam because it might hurt but you get it!
TIP#3: Work it!
We all hate our body types in some way, don't deny it. Whether we think were too fat or too skinny, or too tall or too short, we should be thankful! NEVER try to alter your body for anyone but yourself, Embrace yourself! Rock whatcha got chicka! Also wear clothes to make you feel confident, things that compliment your body type. So not only will you look good but knowing that you look good will make you feel beautiful as well and your confidence will go through the roof!
TIP#4: Mwahhh!
If you ever feel down in the dumps, try on some bright lipsticks. I know, might be bold to wear at school. If you feel that way try it at home insted. Red lipstick( or bright pink ) can make ANYONE look good. It can make you feel like you can take on the world and do anything your heart desires!(And if you ever deside to do that, brunettes, try reds and blondes and red heads try bright pink(it has to do with skin undertones and it compliments your hair color))
TIP#5: *Sniff Sniff* Ahhhh:
Mmmmm don't you just love perfume? Not only can perfume make you smell better but can also make you more confident and relaxed. Just spritz some on your wrists, chest and neck and your good to go! Yummy confidence huh? (My faves and recomendation scents: twilight woods and forever sunshine,16 dollars at bath and body works, and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Coture sold ant walmart for 25$ and 35$ or can purchase at Sephora stores)
TIP#6: These Shoes are Made for Walking!
Shoes are awesome! But sometimes, the right (or wrong) can really make a difference in a person. Sure converses and flats are comfortable but whether you know it or not, they also make you slump. Its been proven that not only can heels and wedges make you taller but they automatically improve posture and what does those too things do for you? More confidence! Now Im not saying you should wear five inch stilettos every where you go but try wearing some wedges or 3 inch heels (or how ever many inches you can stand) all day (or 8 hours). You might be suprisedhow you like it:) (BTW get some dr.scholls women shoe inserts for extra comfort:))
TIP#7: Dare to be Different!
I love my T-shirt and blue jeans as much as the next person but sometimes, for me tees arent that flattering. So I like to play up my look once a week with a few of my girl friends at school. I reccomend this because not only is it fun but the first time I did it, I actually felt pretty. Being a size 16, you dont get that many complements on looks so I felt special. But dont just "dress up", (here's the twist). Dress up from different time periods!(Vintage, 1920s-1930, 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, or something unique and original)
I wore a baby blue dress with a white ribbon around my natural waist( smallest part of your body) and white three inch heels and LOVED IT! Try neon blue skinny jeans and neon pink zebra stripe tank top with a leather jacket and and pinl converse(wild but awesome!) Or something sixties like high waisted bell bottons and a flowy top tucked in with feather earings. If you like it, make it a habit to do it once a week. Its alot of fun!
Now theres my 7 tips! But one more
SMILE!:DI have a challenge for you know. Well you can choose but here they are:
#1: Go one full day without makeup( if you were any other than base and powder)
#2: Go on your blog and write about your flaws. But for ever flaw, find three things you like.
#3: Try atleast four or five of these tips and do one every day of the week. Blog at the end of the week and talk about how the things you chose helped/effected your week.
And also include your name(can be blog name or real idc)
and put what you think of yourself!
My name is Sarah Gabrielle
I am a size 16 and my height is 5'10''
Im 14 years old
And Im a beautiful person inside and out!
Hope you enjoyed these tips!
God bless and MTFBWY!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be true to your heart:)

Hello! Ever felt alone?Unloved?Like no one cares about you? You do? Well I care!!!
Using pounds of makeup, hair extensions and showy clothes to make you look "pretty"
Well I think you'll look ten times better without all of that because personality is where beauty really is!

Using a fake personality to be accepted?GET REAL!

Lets face it every body wants to fit in. But in reality, no one can because God made everyone of us different beautiful and unique in our own ways. What one person may like another may hate. Like mustard and ketchup, paper or plastic, or black and white. We're all different! But thats what makes us beautiful.

Everyday I see people with pounds of makeup, trying to hide their face because they think they're ugly. People showing their body's off to the point where its almost nothing there thinking "Maybe if they see my body, people will think I'm hot, I'll get a good lookin' man and be popular" But you wont. People will only call you a slut, more sterotypes, if you do that.

Another thing that presses you with the idea that "if your not perfect your worthless" Is the media and celebrities. Everyday around a million images from commercials, magazines, social medias (facebook twitter ect.) and peers burn into our brains the idea of flawlessness. But if you break it down most every beuaty ad you see on television, internet, or magazine has been photoshopped and air brushed to perfection. And most celebrities underneath all that makeup look just like any other human being other than their imortalized bodies of perfection.

Even as a child we have whats perfect and beuatiful burned into our head. How? One thing every girl has ever had is one of many reasons. Flawless skin, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect figure and clothes that you would only wear in a fantasy world. More affectionatly known as:

Everyone's had one at sometime. Things like her show us early in life "If you arent perfect your unacceptable"

Every year the average woman absorbs 5 pounds of chemicals found in makeup every year and beauty products, which cuts a month out of her life span. Why???For the sake of what society sees as beautiful.

But there is something that will make you perceived as beautiful no matter what: Your Personality.
You may hide behind layers of makeup and a mask of perfection and fool the world, but you'll never fool your heart.

So I challange you. For one week be yourself. Take off the makeup, throw away the mask of society and just be yourself. And if that means watching Lord of the rings, veggietales and acting completely insane do it! Do whatever makes you happy for one week....as long as its legal:)

I hope my blog helped you!!!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Avalon~ Which Gabrielle looks better?

~Avalon~ My newest fanfic seris: Meet the characters!!

So whatchyall think???

~Avalon~ My newest fanfic seris!!!

I got inspired to write this while reading lord of the rings:the two towers, so I sat down and thirty mintues this was created!I like it:)

Well here it is! Hope yall like it!!:D

Chapter One:
I had just gotten out of my bed when the first beams of morning light broke through the Mississippi pines. Today was special. Today was my eighteenth birthday.And it was the marking of my last week here. Soon I'd be off for this new music college in Nashville Tennessee.It was still hard to believe that I would be leaving everything behind, and everybody.
I made my way towards my bathroom and washed my face, then looked at myself in the mirror. I was never normal by two thousand ten standards. I never had a phone or a television, I had books about mythology, princesses, Jedi Knights and Middle Earth heroes. People never took the time to know me, the face behind the book. Therefore I became what they called a weirdo,nerd, ugly, just to name a few.
Even my physical apperances weren't normal. For one I was six feet tall, tallest girl in the county. I was also the only one that had natural long blond ringleted har. My eyes were a strange bluish-green color. But everyone always made fun of my ears. They were the most peculiar thing about me. they looked like normal ears, until about half way up. Then they started to come upwards,making a hidious point at the tip.
I guess I could thank my biological parents on that. I dont remember my short few years with them but I remember sometimes being in a room full of people. People like me. Sometimes I dream about them, but before I can tell where I am or who Im with, I wake up.
"Gabrielle!" I heard my mama call from the porch.
"Coming!" I put my white tanktop, blue jeans and boots on and ran to the front porch. "What is it Mama?" I asked her.
Then I saw my dad pull up in the front yard in a baby blue 1957 ford pickup with white wall tires. Daddy blew its horn. It sounded like a french horn from my highschool's band.
"I love your new truck Dad! Its goregous!"
Dad climbed out of the drivers side and tossed me the keys and I caught them.
"Its yours."
I squealed and threw my arms around my dad's neck.
"Thank you! I love you Daddy."
"I love you too honey."
I hopped in the truck and cranked it up.
"Be careful sweetie!"
"I will Mama!"
I cranked up my new Jason Aldean CD and headed into town.
Philadelphia wasn't too busy today, maybe because of the local fair concert this afternoon. They booked this new pop artist to preform. I never really liked pop.I had always like country music and fiddle campfire songs. Another reason I was a outcast.
Walmart wasn't that busy either. I wanted to pick up a few things for the bonfire after my party tonight. I got a shopping cart and started walking, until I felt someone smack me from behind. I drew my fist back and knocked the person to the ground. People thought a fist to the face for that was cruel. I call it reflexes.
Like I thought, it was one of my old biology classmates. Everyone of those boys in that class would do something like that to me on a daily basis. And I would hit them everytime. I got my things and left so I could get my two closest friends and bring them to my house for tonight.
As I but my things on the floor board of my truck, out of the corner of my eye, I could've sworn I saw somebody, watching me. I turned around but the only thing I saw a stray cat limping across the parking lot. Must have been my imagination.
I got to Kathrine's house three o'clock and like I asked Katherine was waiting in the yard. Alyssa was with her.Se must've spent the night with her. I got out of my truck and hugged them.
"So how yall like my birthday present?" I waved my hand to my truck. Alyssa and Katherine squealed.
"Its awesome! Wish my parents weren't so cheap so I have a car" Katherine complained
"Um, Gabrielle you said I could bring a friend or two right?" Alyssa sheepishly asked
"Yeah, Who's comming?"
And from behind a sweet gum tree stepped Ashton and Austin Sheppard, the only two identical red haired twins ever born in Neshoba county. The only  way to tell them apart was by there eyes, Ashton had blue eyes and Austin had green. They had been dating Alyssa and Katherine for a month now. They werent the kindest people on the planet but they treated their women good and were my friends since the fourth grade.
"Where do we put the presents?" They asked. They each had an arm load of gifts.
"Put them in the truck bed." They loaded up the gifts and made their way to the passenger side.
"Nuh uh."I told them. "There's not enough space for all five of us so the both of you are riding in the back."
"Alright. Just dont kill us on the way" Ashton said, climbing into the truck bed. Katherine and Alyssa got into the cab with me.I started the truck and headed back home. About a mile down the highway, I turned off onto a dirt road so I could get home faster.
"Your taking road 313? Its full of pot holes and covered in red dirt. If Ashton and Austin dont fall out of the truck, they'll wish they did!" Alyssa said.
"I know" I smiled a little devilish grin and we , execpt Katherine.
"Whats the matter?" I asked her. She never passed up a good laugh.
"Gabrielle don't get mad, but, I invited Jay."
I stomped on my breaks and I heard Ashton and Austin ram the tailgate.
"What?! Kat why?You know he hates me after you told him, you know"
Jay had been friends with me as long as I could remember. And I had been head over heels for him since the seventh grade. But then the friendship ended the first of June when he found out that I liked him. Eversince then we avoided eachother.
"But Gabrielle he said yes"She told me.
I smiled to myself and started driving again.
"Thanks." I told the both of them. But as I drove further down the road out of the corner of my eye I saw someone following my truck, the same person from Walmart. When I slowed down and looked in my rear view mirror, he was gone.
" Whats the matter?" Alyssa asked me.
"Oh, nothing" I smiled,shaking it off. My mind must be playing tricks on me. Probably my nerves. After all in a week I was moving to one of the biggest cities in the country. That had to be it. But what if it wasnt....

Yall like it so far??Hope you do!Chapter two comming soon!!
Love yall!<3
May the Force be with you
And God bless!!<3

Monday, May 30, 2011

Power Rangers For Life!!!!!!!

Hello my bloggies!!Blog buddies!!!

I have a confession. There is one thing i love more than starwars and lord of the rings combined!!POWER RANGERS!!And i have since i was a baby!!

And there back and its as good as the 1st set of rangers(mighty morphin) and its called power rangers samurai


I recommend it to all!!!Please watch!!!!My frend on youtube Gold zeo ranger( i think??) has every episode on her channel!!!

And im obsessed with the green an yellow ranger couple!!!Theyve had chemestry since ep4 And its so sweet!!And they do in real life too:D!!! This episode 14 episode realllyyy showed it:) And my good buddy catt made an AMAZING vid!!!

So check out GoldZeoRanger

AND... the mike/emily (Mikeily Mike-a-lee) Vid!!!!!!!

The most amazing vid!!

GoldZeoRanger uploads every episode every tuesday incase you miss it on Saturday on nickalodeon!!Check your local listings to see what time it comes on!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The SWU forums!

If ur a Star Wars Fan like me PLZZZ VISIT!Oh unless ur alredy a member..SAVE THIS VANILLA FORUM!!!!!!!*vanilla-epicly awesome*ITSS SO AWESOMEEE

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Heyyy!!!!Well i have returned!!!!!!!!!!I got bored SO i did my version of keshas makeup in We R Who We R!!! Here it is!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Artist of the Week!

Hey!!Im doing a new thing weekly on my blog called artist of the week where i show yall some of my favorite country music artist and there songd. An to kick it off heres steel magnolia!!!

Made up of the goregous Mehgan Lindsey and the hot Joshua Scott Jones, this country duet is taking Nashville and Country fans everywhere by storm! Here are just a few of there amazing hits:

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yall remember Graciana from my storys right???This is her after she got in prison:))

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey!!!!I made this really cool tribute to anakin an padme on my utube channel! Watch it here! Its a real tear jerker but its good!May the force be with you!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heyyy!Been mega freekin sick lately!blah!But i made this vid of me an my best friends!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghost Adventures!

Hey!I love paranormal shows an the one i am addicted to is Ghost adventures!Heres the awesome team!Made up of Zak Bagans(center) Nick Groff(left) and Aaron Awesome person!(right) Love these guys an would love to meet em and ultamitly b in a lock down with them!Love em!