Friday, July 15, 2011

Be true to your heart:)

Hello! Ever felt alone?Unloved?Like no one cares about you? You do? Well I care!!!
Using pounds of makeup, hair extensions and showy clothes to make you look "pretty"
Well I think you'll look ten times better without all of that because personality is where beauty really is!

Using a fake personality to be accepted?GET REAL!

Lets face it every body wants to fit in. But in reality, no one can because God made everyone of us different beautiful and unique in our own ways. What one person may like another may hate. Like mustard and ketchup, paper or plastic, or black and white. We're all different! But thats what makes us beautiful.

Everyday I see people with pounds of makeup, trying to hide their face because they think they're ugly. People showing their body's off to the point where its almost nothing there thinking "Maybe if they see my body, people will think I'm hot, I'll get a good lookin' man and be popular" But you wont. People will only call you a slut, more sterotypes, if you do that.

Another thing that presses you with the idea that "if your not perfect your worthless" Is the media and celebrities. Everyday around a million images from commercials, magazines, social medias (facebook twitter ect.) and peers burn into our brains the idea of flawlessness. But if you break it down most every beuaty ad you see on television, internet, or magazine has been photoshopped and air brushed to perfection. And most celebrities underneath all that makeup look just like any other human being other than their imortalized bodies of perfection.

Even as a child we have whats perfect and beuatiful burned into our head. How? One thing every girl has ever had is one of many reasons. Flawless skin, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect figure and clothes that you would only wear in a fantasy world. More affectionatly known as:

Everyone's had one at sometime. Things like her show us early in life "If you arent perfect your unacceptable"

Every year the average woman absorbs 5 pounds of chemicals found in makeup every year and beauty products, which cuts a month out of her life span. Why???For the sake of what society sees as beautiful.

But there is something that will make you perceived as beautiful no matter what: Your Personality.
You may hide behind layers of makeup and a mask of perfection and fool the world, but you'll never fool your heart.

So I challange you. For one week be yourself. Take off the makeup, throw away the mask of society and just be yourself. And if that means watching Lord of the rings, veggietales and acting completely insane do it! Do whatever makes you happy for one long as its legal:)

I hope my blog helped you!!!



  1. Amazing post Gabby! Very inspirational. ;) And so very true. Great job!!!! :D

  2. Awesome post!!!

  3. Great post Gabby!! :D
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  4. yeah have those days, 2 sometimes. not a lot help with a disease i have though. really nice post. keep up with the good work. ok? lol.