Monday, December 20, 2010

Well this is my blog for today!!!


  1. Great introduction, Sarah! doesn't look like it's 2AM :P. I can't hear my own Asian accent, for some reason. I guess you can never hear your own accent...
    That's why I only use Star Wars curse words. Fierfek!
    I love California. It's like, 60 degrees right now? If it gets any colder, it'll be, like, a record low. This is our second day of rain. Rain is a sacred rare event deserving of festivals and banquets in southern california.
    I don't have a webcam. Does the webcam always delay your voice?

  2. Wow, 2AM? That's late, or, uh, early, or, oh nevermind.........

    My friend has a southern accent, and I think it sounds pretty cool. I'm from up North, so I guess I have a northern accent.

    -Barriss :-D

  3. I made it last night.Im bout a southern as it gets!

  4. Yeah, you do sound southern! That's for sure! I don't really have an accent. It's just a basic Texas/Louisiana/Mississippi/Arkansas accent.

    -Leia <3