Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Truth About:
Hey! I have to warn you, this is one of my more serious topics and it might disturb you and possibly change your perspective on me completely. But Ive changed. That New Years resolution thing I posted has really helped me come out of the dark place I once was. But this is a topic very important I feel I should discuss and point out. Its the truth about cutting.
When you here the phrase cutting, what do you first think of? Maybe some emo person with a knife in there hand. If you did, your dead wrong. Cutting can be an addiction to anyone of any social class, and you can use anything from a broken CD to a mechanical pencil to cut. I myself used a hot pink thumbtack. But that depends on the personal prefarance and how far the addiction has progressed.
Why do people cut?
The most common question first asked when someone finds out that somebody they know has started cutting. When a person cuts, it gives them a rush, a feeling that cant be discribed any other way. Some times its the burning sensation of the blade (or whatever you use) or the adrenaline that follows. It makes them feel good and offers as a coping mechanism for the troubles of life. Sometimes its because they hate themselves and they want to harm or punish themselves for something they cant help or control in there lives. It might happen because of depression. Any of these things or more could lead to this habit. But no matter what the reason NEVER I mean NEVER make fun of someone for doing this. It could make it worse.
The dangers of cutting
Cutting can lead to not only damage to your body over a period of time but it can also worsen things like depression. Because not only will you become depressed about the original thing but also cutting. Cutting can also lead to infections of the area, and it can worsen to new levels. Its like a drug. When you first start you always want more. You can cut deeper than what you planned on and can suffer from blood loss and even death.
The effects of cutting
It doesnt just hurt you. Cutting hurts others around you. I seen my best friend's grandfather at the grocery store the other day and I asked him how my best friend was. He asked if I heard what had happened. I said no. He told me last week, she was cutting herself in her room with a pocket knife. She cut too deep and she was rushed to the emergancy room. They almost couldnt stop the bleeding but they eventually did. Now, shes in Jackson somewhere in rehab and wont come back until June or July. I have no idea where she is but I know that I miss her.
My little cousins looked at my arm one day and asked what happened to me. I just said that it was a cat. My little cousin just sat down in my lap and traced the scars with his little fingers. I didnt know my dad knew but I found out he did. One time I seen him crying about it in his room. I felt awful. Not only did he have to deal with losing my mom still but now this. That and the wakeup call I got about what happened to my best friend stopped that addiction for good.
If someone you know is cutting, all you can do is be there for that person and let them know how much you love and care about them. Never ignore them. Be as supporting as possible. Only tell an adult you know wont breathe a word to anyone but the person cutting. Other wise youll only make them feel betrayed and you might accidently make it worse.
If you are cutting, I know how it feels. You can email me anytime and Ill respond as soon as I can:
Ill so anything I can to help you.
And if you think Im lying, this was my arm in November:
Believe me now? But that was the old me. Ive changed And Im Never going back! Through the help of the good lord and great friends Im a new better and happier me! Thanks for all the love, prayers and support! The new me!

Stay Positive!!!!!!
Love you all!!!!!!
Btw my hair is naturally curly but im thinking about getting it straightened. I like it straight every now and then because I like my hair curly but i look awesome with it straight. Which looks better?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, New beginnings

New Years Resolution Challenge:
Hey yall! Looks like its that time of year again. The great New Years resolution. Most people look to things on the lines of outward apperance, finances, etc things to get you set in this world. Dont lie to me now, you know you'll jump off of that band wagon around the middle of the month, you know you will. But this year, I have a challenge for all of you reading this.
I challenge you to make a personal and spiritual resolution this year to improve not your outward apperance or something to bring about earthy gain, but something that will make you a happier you on the inside. Now I challenge you to do atleast one of these things Im going to list here. Once you have decided one(or more) of these, go on your blog, post what your going to do for the new year and blog your progress weakly until the challenge is complete. Then tell how its helped you in your life. And trust me, it will. And I'm doing this too, so your not alone:)
Challenge One: Clean up Around the EdgesThere is something about each of us that we need to work on, no one is perfect. Find three of those things you need to work on and do it. For example, try to be more confident. Or look around you and look at the brighter side of things. Because after all, even though clouds hang in the sky, the sun is still there, isnt it? If you have a sharp tongue, learn to hold it in place and speak softer to others. About once a day take a look around you and count the blessings God has given you. It could be as small as admiring the beauty of a plant to as big as shouting your thanks to God about what he's helped you through(but I wouldnt advise it if you live in a city or the police might get called on you, so yell it in your room:)) Try this for about two months. You might like the results.
Challenge Two: A Change of TuneThis one might be a little bit more difficult, but it has amazing results. Reside to only listening to christian music for a month. Nothing else. At all. Seems kinda hard right? But its not. Here, this is a good radio station that can be picked up all across the US and in other countries. You can also listen to it on your iPhone, Laptop, iPad, etc. I really like this one because christian music is always postive and moving. Itll help you stay positive throughout the day and some of the messages of the songs can help you in ways that I cant describe. Just try it for a month, but youll see a difference thatll last all year.
(thats the radio station online. Itll tell you your local radio station that picks up the klove broadcast. Awesome music)
Challenge Three: Make a Difference:Do something that will make a lasting impression on someone. Do something for a local charity or organization. Stand up for someone, let someone know their not alone. Give someone who's going through alot a hug. Do something to change a life, not just your own. Big or small, showing someone you care effects them more than you could ever know.
Try this for three weeks or so.
Challenge Four: You and GodEvery christian prays a prayer before bed, but is that all you do other than praying over a meal? I challenge you to take twenty minutes out of your day and have quiet alone time with just you and God. No texting your bff, no tweeting, just you God(and if you pray better this way, listen to christian music while you do it) It helps you through the day and helps you in the long run. Try it for a month and tell me what it does.
Pick out which one(or ones) youre gonna do. Well dont just sit there reading this, Do it already!
My advice of the day is be yourself!!!Dont be afraid if someone calls you a nerd I take it as a complement because Im not ashamed of being obsessed with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mythology, Music, and Power Rangers:) I know its a little odd that Im 14 and still obsessed with it but thats just me being myself! Got a problem, then get in line. But I warn you its a long wait because I aint changing for nobody!

Until next time
Love yall bunches!!!
Happy 2012!!!
New Years Resolution Challenge:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Im backkk!

Sorry I havent posted in God knows how long but Ive been having alot of bad things going on.  My best friends dad commited suicide and shes been at my house alot, bullying, sprained ankle, basically the worst few months Ive had in a long time.  Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers and Ill try to go to the library more.  I really love you guys too cause I just walked here, to the library, a mile from my house, on crutches, in 45 degree weather.  So keep in mind I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Until next time

Monday, September 12, 2011

Confidence 101!

Hello peepkies! Today I'm gonna give you some advice and tips on being a more confident you! We all have our flaws lets face it. But lets not let that get in the way of how we view ourselves. Beauty is embracing imperfections and loving who you are on the inside anyway. So rock your flaws and embrace your positive features and be like BAM! This is me! So here are some tips to unlocking your inner beauty goddess.
TIP #1: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!We all know there's that one person we wish we could look like. Flat stomach, perfect hour glass figure, long toned legs, and goregous face framed by the perfect hair, we all wish for their looks. But the truth is every magazine image we see, every add, is (imaginary drum roll!) PHOTOSHOPPED! This software can give you perfect skin, beautiful face, and can even give you that dream bod. That or they cake on the makeup and enhancement products like they're baking a pastry. So dont let looks fool you. They can go from Mrs. Perfect:
To this:
Without all their makeup and computer inhancments
TIP #2: Throw your shoulders back!
Most of the time when we sit or walk, our back and shoulders are slumped. This is not only bad for our posture, but also our confidence. So next time your in an upright postition, pop your shoulders back like BAM! Okay maybe not like bam because it might hurt but you get it!
TIP#3: Work it!
We all hate our body types in some way, don't deny it. Whether we think were too fat or too skinny, or too tall or too short, we should be thankful! NEVER try to alter your body for anyone but yourself, Embrace yourself! Rock whatcha got chicka! Also wear clothes to make you feel confident, things that compliment your body type. So not only will you look good but knowing that you look good will make you feel beautiful as well and your confidence will go through the roof!
TIP#4: Mwahhh!
If you ever feel down in the dumps, try on some bright lipsticks. I know, might be bold to wear at school. If you feel that way try it at home insted. Red lipstick( or bright pink ) can make ANYONE look good. It can make you feel like you can take on the world and do anything your heart desires!(And if you ever deside to do that, brunettes, try reds and blondes and red heads try bright pink(it has to do with skin undertones and it compliments your hair color))
TIP#5: *Sniff Sniff* Ahhhh:
Mmmmm don't you just love perfume? Not only can perfume make you smell better but can also make you more confident and relaxed. Just spritz some on your wrists, chest and neck and your good to go! Yummy confidence huh? (My faves and recomendation scents: twilight woods and forever sunshine,16 dollars at bath and body works, and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Coture sold ant walmart for 25$ and 35$ or can purchase at Sephora stores)
TIP#6: These Shoes are Made for Walking!
Shoes are awesome! But sometimes, the right (or wrong) can really make a difference in a person. Sure converses and flats are comfortable but whether you know it or not, they also make you slump. Its been proven that not only can heels and wedges make you taller but they automatically improve posture and what does those too things do for you? More confidence! Now Im not saying you should wear five inch stilettos every where you go but try wearing some wedges or 3 inch heels (or how ever many inches you can stand) all day (or 8 hours). You might be suprisedhow you like it:) (BTW get some dr.scholls women shoe inserts for extra comfort:))
TIP#7: Dare to be Different!
I love my T-shirt and blue jeans as much as the next person but sometimes, for me tees arent that flattering. So I like to play up my look once a week with a few of my girl friends at school. I reccomend this because not only is it fun but the first time I did it, I actually felt pretty. Being a size 16, you dont get that many complements on looks so I felt special. But dont just "dress up", (here's the twist). Dress up from different time periods!(Vintage, 1920s-1930, 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, or something unique and original)
I wore a baby blue dress with a white ribbon around my natural waist( smallest part of your body) and white three inch heels and LOVED IT! Try neon blue skinny jeans and neon pink zebra stripe tank top with a leather jacket and and pinl converse(wild but awesome!) Or something sixties like high waisted bell bottons and a flowy top tucked in with feather earings. If you like it, make it a habit to do it once a week. Its alot of fun!
Now theres my 7 tips! But one more
SMILE!:DI have a challenge for you know. Well you can choose but here they are:
#1: Go one full day without makeup( if you were any other than base and powder)
#2: Go on your blog and write about your flaws. But for ever flaw, find three things you like.
#3: Try atleast four or five of these tips and do one every day of the week. Blog at the end of the week and talk about how the things you chose helped/effected your week.
And also include your name(can be blog name or real idc)
and put what you think of yourself!
My name is Sarah Gabrielle
I am a size 16 and my height is 5'10''
Im 14 years old
And Im a beautiful person inside and out!
Hope you enjoyed these tips!
God bless and MTFBWY!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be true to your heart:)

Hello! Ever felt alone?Unloved?Like no one cares about you? You do? Well I care!!!
Using pounds of makeup, hair extensions and showy clothes to make you look "pretty"
Well I think you'll look ten times better without all of that because personality is where beauty really is!

Using a fake personality to be accepted?GET REAL!

Lets face it every body wants to fit in. But in reality, no one can because God made everyone of us different beautiful and unique in our own ways. What one person may like another may hate. Like mustard and ketchup, paper or plastic, or black and white. We're all different! But thats what makes us beautiful.

Everyday I see people with pounds of makeup, trying to hide their face because they think they're ugly. People showing their body's off to the point where its almost nothing there thinking "Maybe if they see my body, people will think I'm hot, I'll get a good lookin' man and be popular" But you wont. People will only call you a slut, more sterotypes, if you do that.

Another thing that presses you with the idea that "if your not perfect your worthless" Is the media and celebrities. Everyday around a million images from commercials, magazines, social medias (facebook twitter ect.) and peers burn into our brains the idea of flawlessness. But if you break it down most every beuaty ad you see on television, internet, or magazine has been photoshopped and air brushed to perfection. And most celebrities underneath all that makeup look just like any other human being other than their imortalized bodies of perfection.

Even as a child we have whats perfect and beuatiful burned into our head. How? One thing every girl has ever had is one of many reasons. Flawless skin, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect figure and clothes that you would only wear in a fantasy world. More affectionatly known as:

Everyone's had one at sometime. Things like her show us early in life "If you arent perfect your unacceptable"

Every year the average woman absorbs 5 pounds of chemicals found in makeup every year and beauty products, which cuts a month out of her life span. Why???For the sake of what society sees as beautiful.

But there is something that will make you perceived as beautiful no matter what: Your Personality.
You may hide behind layers of makeup and a mask of perfection and fool the world, but you'll never fool your heart.

So I challange you. For one week be yourself. Take off the makeup, throw away the mask of society and just be yourself. And if that means watching Lord of the rings, veggietales and acting completely insane do it! Do whatever makes you happy for one week....as long as its legal:)

I hope my blog helped you!!!